• The world is moving fast.

    Let your curriculum move with it.

    A project created by Ashley Lamb-Sinclair, National Geographic Fellow.

  • What would happen if educators & students had simplified, curated access to relevant news & events as they happened?

    So often educators have to scramble to find relevant content related to news & events when the content matters most - in real time.


    The Real Time Curriculum Project curates relevant content across the internet, connects educators to engaging discussions, and provides opportunities for educators to contribute their own lessons on current events as they are integrating them into their classroom & curriculum.


    The Real Time Curriculum Project is comprised of a series of "minute projects", each focused on a relevant current event. Minute Project #1 is focused on the COVID-19 / coronavirus pandemic. Check in daily and follow along @LearnMinute as we connect you to content to engage & empower

    educators AND students.


    Curated collections of relevant resources from across the internet - updated daily.


    Real lessons, activities, projects & ideas from our community being put to use in classrooms everywhere.





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    A curated collection of resources for students learning at home while schools are closed - updated daily.

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  • Meet the wizard

    behind the curtain.

    Ashley Lamb-Sinclair


    Ashley is serving as a National Geographic Fellow where she is exploring the concept of Real Time Curriculum. She is a veteran educator, edtech entrepreneur, storyteller, and passionate advocate of creativity in education - for both educators and students.


    Learn more about National Geographic Fellows here.

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